Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Now that's service.

Cian Ó Cíobháin

I was working late on a commission last night and as I'm wont to do I was listening to Raidió na Gaeltachta's An Taobh Tuathail with Cian Ó Cíobháin.
Suddenly there started a piece of music that I've heard before and serially failed to get the name of. With all the stupidity that modern technology affords us, rather than waiting to write down the name at the end I emailed the show desperately waffling a description of the piece I'd just heard (of course Cian said what it was at the end of the show but whatever I scribbled last night wasn't English today. Or Irish come to that.)

Well Cian is after emailing me back with the name of the piece and last night's entire playlist. That single-handedly makes up for all the times I tried to get onto Joe Duffy for a rant and failed. It negates at least 5-10 years of the suffering inflicted by Fair City. It even goes some way to alleviating the nerve damage caused by Tellybingo. In short, that was rather nice of him.

Go raibh maith agat Cian!

(The piece by the way was Gorecki's Third Symphony (Symphony Of Sorrow Songs) - 2nd movement. Quick, get a pen.)

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Wedding Entertainment in Radisson Hotel Cavan

Wedding Entertainment

Congratulations to Pamela and Koen, who were married in Cavan at the weekend. They had their reception in the beautiful Radisson Hotel, Cavan (pictured below) and had me there to entertain their guests during their drinks reception.

If you're looking for wedding entertainment contact me with your date!
Radisson Hotel, Cavan
Wedding Entertainment
Wedding Entertainment
Wedding Entertainment
Wedding Entertainment
Wedding Entertainment

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Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Don't read this post...

Friday, 3 August 2007

Conference cartoons- a humorous way to document your conference!

Conference cartoons- a unique way of documenting your event!
Conference cartoons- a unique way to document your event!

I've been getting a lot of enquiries about my conference cartoons as the season begins to warm up so I'm going to take the opportunity to explain the process.

I attend the conference with my sketchbook and over the course of the event I take notes on the major themes and issues that are coming up. Simultaneously I produce large black and white cartoons based on those notes and these are put up around the conference area as they are produced. During breaks delegates can browse the cartoons and as well as being a humorous take on the day's discussions the cartoons also serve to crystallise certain issues. I often have delegates saying to me "that's exactly what I was trying to say!" when they see a certain cartoon. And of course they're often thrilled when I choose their pet issue!

The cartoons can then be used in the documentation arising out of the conference such as reports and action plans.

Below are some more samples from conferences, and if you'd like to make an enquiry just click CONTACT opposite.

Conference cartoons- a unique way to document your event!
Conference cartoons- a unique way to document your event!
Conference cartoons- a unique way to document your event!
Conference cartoons- a unique way to document your event!

For more conference cartoons click here.

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More praise indeed!

Got an email during the week regarding a caricature I did as a wedding present recently:

Hi Allan,

The Caricature was fantastic!! The Bride and Groom loved it. I received the Caricature last Thursday as well spent!!

Thanks again.

If you'd like to order a caricature as a gift for a wedding or other occasion click contact opposite.

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This Week's Double Vision is...

Congratulations Paddy Harkin, Sportsperson of the Month!

Paddy Harkin Donegal Boxer

Congratulations to Paddy Harkin, Donegal Boxer and this month's winner of the Inishowen Independent's Sportsperson of the Month Award. Paddy will be presented with the above caricature by moi!

Allan Cavanagh caricatures make excellent presents and gifts for birthdays, weddings and retirements. For more details you can contact me here.

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Monday, 30 July 2007

Dolphins in Carrigaholt!

Was down in Carrigaholt in Co. Clare to see the dolphins in the Shannon Estuary with Dolphinwatch. It's a great experience, you spent two hours all over the Mouth of the Shannon watching the dolphins in their feeding grounds. There's plenty of other wildlife in the air and on the cliff-face to see as well. The crew are very friendly and knowledgeable and I really recommend getting down there before the summer's out!

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